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How Much Youtube Pay For 1 Million Subscribers In Pakistan

How much money can you make from youtube. YouTube pays 03 to 1 per 1000 views in Pakistan on religious content or in other how-to videos or videos related to education lifestyle or business you will make somewhere between 1.

Shoaib Akhtar Gets Fastest 1 Million Subscribers On Youtube Daily Times

This means an advertiser must pay 2000 200 x 1000 to reach 1 million viewers.

How much youtube pay for 1 million subscribers in pakistan. Now YouTube takes 45 of this revenue so this leaves the YouTuber with 1100. This can vary greatly depending on a lot of factors. Finally I hit the second mild stone of 10K subscribers on Youtube and its all because of you guys.

Although this would vary depending on multiple stewards niches and regions on average a Youtuber with 1 million subscribers will earn about 500000 to 60000 a month. A video that has managed to gather about a million views despite the number of subscribers the Youtuber will be able to earn anywhere from 4000 to 400000 based on one video. Facebook Earning Course Or Fiverr YouTube YouTube SEO Paid Courses Hasil Karne Kay Lia Whatsapp KarenNumber.

0317- 0565779Course Kay Ilawa Question Ha. 2000 for 1 Million Views. 1 Million times 6 per thousand 6000.

2000 for 1 million views. 4000 from Ad views 3500 from Ad clicks 7500. Lets say that all of this YouTubers subscribers watched their video and no one else did and that they had 1 ad per video.

Now its time to reveal my You. How monetization is changing. How much youtube pays per view in pakistan - how much youtube pay for 1 million viewsHow Much Youtube Pays for 1000 Views in Pakistan - How Much Youtube Pays.

How is the revenue calculated. How Much Youtube Pay on Ten Thousands Views in Pakistanis video m ap ko datil s baton ga k youtube kitny views py kitni earing data ha aur kon se country m. What is Youtube CPMhow much youtube pay for 1k views how much youtube pay for 1.

Some videos average less than 2 per thousand views and others get more than 7 per thousand views. This is a complicated question to answer. How Much YouTube Pay For 1 Billion Views In India Case Study So friends I hope that now you have got the answer to your question Average Salary of a YouTuber With 1 Million Subscribers.

So thank you so much to all. By the time you see this article Ive probably been paid over 20000 net with an average CPM of 1861. In other words this video generated about 32307 in gross ad revenue.

Average Salary of a YouTuber with 500k Subscribers is 3750 per month 2000 from ad views 1750 from Ad clicks 3750. How YouTubers Make Money. How Much YouTube Pays For 1000 Views in Pakistan What is YouTube RPMMy First Payment From YouTube httpsyoutubejLfd5mH_UjkPlease Subscribe My 2nd Chann.

We will look more into how revenue is calculated on YouTube and what you can expect to actually earn-out of a video with 1 million views. Successful YouTubers in Pakistan are making around 2500 per month which comes down to almost Rs400000 in todays exchange rates. The average salary of a YouTuber with 1 Million subscribers is 7500 per month and 90000 a year.

This answer is based on a theoretical 3 to 6 per thousand views. So without losing time let us know immediately how much YouTube Pay for 1 Million Views in India in rupees 2020. 15 Million times 6 per thousand 9000.

Apart from this if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this then you can tell us in the comment box below. There are 100s of variables involved but for a quick calculation you can use 15 per thousand views for small channels and 2 per thousand views for medium sized channels. Youtube_pay Youtube_CPMHow Much Youtube Pays for 1000 Views in pakistan.

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