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Chromecast Youtube Vanced

Problem here is Vanced getting failed to execute youtube launch command on Chromecast screen. I want to cast from youtube video to chromecast audio there are some conferences that I want to listen while I am doing home chores.

Question Can T Get My Chromecast To Work On Vanced Just Saying Update Your Google Play Services But It Works On Youtube It Works Great Vanced

Non-rooted on a Pixel 2 if its relevant.

Chromecast youtube vanced. One work around is to use the regular youtube app to start the connection then swtich to vanced. The Vanced developer team just dropped a major update with the latest YouTube Client version 162939. If I clear the data of the Vanced Youtube app I get the old plain cast dialog back with just my device well 2x but thats a known cast bug unrelated to vanced or.

You can use your phone tablet or computer to control the YouTube experience on TV using the Cast icon to Cast or Airplay. But when you some how launch Youtube on your Chromecast screen its all fine. Vanced version 154332.

If using an Android phone or tablet check out YouTube Vanced. Hey this is solutions to some of the most common questions I see about YouTube Vanced. Try do what the guy above just said install it fresh.

Is there something extra you need to do to get that functionality. Some people here are using Official YouTube first to launch YouTube on Chromecast first and using Vanced afterwords. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date.

If none of these solutions worked for you then look here 6 more possible fixes. App is updating automatically kinda what detach is supposed to fix. Casting from youtube video to chromecast audio.

All of these questions are asked on telegram. Device Redmi note 5 AIPro. No other app reports issues with Play service but vanced youtube.

In the official youtube app it does work as expected. But I dont have a chromecast button in Vanced at all and theres no setting that mentions it at all. This process also applies to those using Android devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD MECOOL Boxes Chromecast Android TV Boxes phones tablets and more.

A new cast dialog by youtube with added option to Link TV code Learn more in Vanced Youtube does not find my Chromecast. The display setting is set to 4k 60hz I have the 4k subscription of Netflix and it shows 4k on the Netflix app on my TV but just not on the Chromecast with Google tv. These are the most asked problems.

SmartTubeNext is good ad-free interface for YouTube with added benefit of voice search. How have other people gotten this to work. New Chromecast with Google TV is here and its amazing.

This ad-free YouTube app is optimized for mobile devices. Also try asking google assistant to play a video using chromecast that worked for me. It also bumped the SponsorBlock to a more stable version.

Any help would be really appreciated. Apparently a Youtube server side thing. Features the option of an amoled black theme to reduce eye and battery strain.

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK. Lets answer these _____ Hey vanced isnt casting to my Chromecast any fix Answer. I just got Chromecast with Google tv today and while it seems to be playing 4k on youtube prime and apple tv the 4k option doesnt appear in Netflix.

While youre here you can also have a look at. But for me using both Youtube apps feels annoying so asking google assistant a command feels more. Issues Casting Supported App Chromecast Audio iOS.

In the YouTube Vanced app tap on the profile icon top right and no you dont need to be logged into your account for this to work then tap on Settings Vanced Settings Misc. Please update PiP not working. If youre casting from a mobile.

I have the built-in Chromecast Chromecast Built-in Android TV 152253741 on my Sony KD-65XF9005 4K and also Google Chromecast 4K on a HDMI-port. Android version Crdroid 70 - Android 11- RP1A201105002 Nikgapps core. The app is working completely fine otherwise.

Sponsorblock helps remove sponsored segments on YouTube for a seamless video playback. DOWLOAD LINK FOR YouTube Vanced shortcut. Youtube Vanced and Chromecast.

Make sure Auto Repeat is On. This device cost about 50 and has a great CPU 2GB ram and running Android TV version 10 running Goog. So download and install latest YouTube Vanced v162939 and Vanced Music v43950.

Blocks All videos ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture only on android 80 and up Swipe controls allow you to control brightness and volume like how it is in other video player apps such as VLC. Everything I see seems to suggest that these things just. All my other apps work perfect with them as did Vanced before the updates of today.

Casting from phone to TV with my phones copy of Vanced always goes to default YouTube app even though its disabled on TV. Upvote 130 Subscribe Unsubscribe. Havent tried it but casting entire mobile screen might work if you are trying to cast from Vanced without ads.

And its working fine with vanced 14.

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