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Miui Optimization Youtube Vanced

If you search under settings it shows the entry but when you click on the search result it brings you to the developer options where MIUI optimization is. We all know that miui 12 has miui optimization option hidden and there is no way to install vanced without disabling it.

Youtube Vanced Apk Download V16 29 39 Official Latest

2 Install microG latest available from here.

Miui optimization youtube vanced. Start date Jun 5 2020. Jun 5 2020 1 YouTube Vanced The official website of YouTube Vanced - a modded YouTube client for Android. User versions 142154 and you dont have to turn MIUI optimization off.

4 Proceed with the installation of Vanced using the APK you need from here. Sau đây là cách cài cụ thể ứng dụng youtube vanced mới nhất. If you turn off your MIUI optimization many things in setting will restore to stock android like all info.

3 Open SAI and check that signed APK option is disabled in SAI settings. Already tried rebooting installing through SAI but still doesnt fix. Bản này muốn cài được phải tắt miui optimize k tắt được trên rom eu.

Xiaomi MIUI Community Lounge. Or when updating from old YouTube vanced version to new this error will come. But the MIUI Optimization is not displayed for everyone.

Bản Youtube Vanced root không hỗ trợ Android. Follow these steps to set up YouTube Vanced on Xiaomi phones. 9816 886 283 63.

Step 1 Go to Settings About Phone Tap MIUI version at least 7x Congratulation you are now s developer. Cục Đá Thành viên tích cực. I have other issue guys.

For some people the entry is not there under developer options like in my case. Apr 17 2019 40 20. MIUI INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Installing vanced microG YouTube Vanced or YouTube Music Vanced via vanced manager or Split Apk Installer SAI requires you to disable MIUI optimization first. Otherwise you will be unable to install any app and will receive the following error. Mình đang dùng rom havoc thì cài bình thường.

Step 2 Go to Settings Additional Settings Developer Options Toggle off the MIUI Optimization last option at the bottom. 1 Deactivate MIUI optimization in Developer Options this can d. Unable miui optimization for youtube vanced.

I have MIUI 12 but after turning on the MIUI optimization the yt vanced app gets offline It only works if the miui optimzation is turned off. This is the video for fixing miui optimization which is hidden in some xiaomi devices. This is the most awaited video.

Also microg is required only when you want to add your Google account youtube vanced will work withwithout microg. 5 Minute Install Youtube Vanced on Any Xiaomi MIUI Device Vanced Manager NO SAI Without Rootyoutubevanced youtubevancedwithoutroot youtubevancedmi. Icons will look ugly and squared.

23220 4 Cài được bình thường.

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